Handwriting Games

Handwriting Games

Handwriting games and other intervention ideas for handwriting via teletherapy and in- person including: Using a multisensory approach; offering the client to step into the teacher role; utilizing a document camera; and isolating visual-motor skills by drawing. Ideas for motivating writing prompts including word association, an A-Z challenge, story cubes, and a silly picture challenge are also included.

While on the surface it might appear that incorporating handwriting into teletherapy may be a challenge, there are several intervention approaches that can facilitate handwriting success. There are two common factors when it comes to helping your teletherapy client make progress on their handwriting: (1) Consider what motivates your client and (2) Ensure that you have a set-up that allows you to provide effective feedback.

The following are engaging ideas that can be used for clients with a variety of different handwriting goals.

Use a Multisensory Approach

Using a multisensory approach is an evidence-based method of helping your client put together the basic shapes for letters. It is also incredibly flexible and you can adapt it to whatever your client has at home! Challenge your client to make shapes, letters, and simple pictures with the following:

• Play-doh
• Salt/flour/rice in a small tray
• Wikki Stix
• Shaving cream
• Kinetic Sand
• A bag of hair gel and food coloring in a sealed plastic bag
• Food like pudding, yogurt, or applesauce