Asking and answering wh- questions are considered to be a milestone. Most children start to reach this milestone between the age of 1 and 2 years. These questions help children develop their receptive and expressive language skills.

You might be wondering why are wh- questions are important. They are considered to be developmental milestones because they build the foundation for children to participate in conversations. These questions enable children to demonstrate their knowledge and collect information both about themselves and the world around them.

Usually, children start to learn wh- questions starting with more concrete questions, about their environment. They ask and master the ”what” question earliest. Then ”who” and ”where” follow. Generally, due to its less concrete nature, the last question to be mastered is ”why”.

In order to assess whether or not a child is meeting this developmental goal, we first need to know at what age we would expect most children to be able to provide answers to different types of questions.